Our company is in  Livadero Kozani is activated in the space of Metal Manufactures from 1979.
Her main activity is the manufacture of Frames of Aluminium, Central Doors, Shutters, Roles, Garage doors, Mosquido Screens, Metal Buildings, Shelters , Banisters  from Iron or Aluminium, Fencings while it undertakes also special manufactures of proportionally requirements of customer.
For the production of qualitative products we use modern instruments of treatment of Metals in combination with special software treatment of cutting from PC that perfects the manufactures. The materials which we use emanate from the bigger houses of production of Aluminium, Iron and Elements of Europe which offer resistance, quality in the time and perfect functionalism.
Objective and at the same time aim of our enterprise is the continuous upgrade of services and her products, taking into consideration the particular satisfaction of each customer and naturally her presence in initial level in the limits of Western Macedonia, and then in her spread in all Greece. 
Finally to you we stress how buying our products you ensure the quality, the reliability and best prices.
We will be glad we improve the quality of your life and make your space better.



Tsianakas Constructions 2016

Livadero Kozani
Post Code :50500

T. +30 24640 41141
F. +30 2112686827


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