Big Bird Cages


Product Description

They are the ultimate solution for fencing birds large and small. It is suitable for canaries, parrots, pheasants, chickens, quail and even rabbits. The advantage is the large dimension allowing you to enter and gives a sense of freedom to the birds

Warranty Information

This product comes with a 1 year warranty as standard

Technical Information


The structure is made of galvanized iron 30X30 mm and 1,5mm thick section mesh size and gills 12X25 mm.


A. Door Hinges
B. Quicksand with capacity for padlock
C. Including lattice on the ceiling and the floor
D. The frame is glued
E. Screws for mounting frames
F. The matrix is placed in the frame with screws
G: There is a roof from the same material


Dimentions of Bird Cages:

  • Type A: (Depht X Width X Height) 150X150X200 cm
    Price Exc Vat 360
  • Type B: (Depht X Width X Height) 200X150X200 cm
    Price Exc Vat 430
  • Type C: (Depht X Width X Height) 150X300X200 cm
    Price Exc Vat 580
  • Type D: (Depht X Width X Height) 200X200X200 cm
    Price Exc Vat 510






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